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Assur Technology

Industry-leading science and technology providing scale while maintaining premium quality to Cannabis and Hemp production

We provide processing services from pre-harvest harvest post-harvest. We encapsulate all farmers’ needs from seedling advisory to producing shelf-stable smokable flower. We harness the power of technology and science to revolutionize the art of drying and curing. Paired with Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD), our proprietary drying science and equipment dehydrates the plant while preserving all value constituents. Each system utilizes 3-separate drying chambers, capable of drying and curing a minimum of 1500lbs of dried product per system. Our system is modular and scalable for larger outdoor farms.


Our Services

The Assur service program includes:

i. Crop advisement from our

in-house agronomist.

ii. Consulting services from our engineering team to gain efficiencies and product yields.

iii. Exclusive use of proprietary science and engineering to dry, cure and process premium flower at an industrial scale. All for one affordable flat fee based on production. 


Our Technology

Our novel and tested protein-based organic crop treatment protects the flower from further microbial activity, and aids in preservations of terpenes.


Assur's drying/curing system utilizes custom built proprietary drying chambers that are capable of drying premium smokable flower at an industrial scale. Our process dries at less than 64°F.

Maximize Harvest

Gone are the days of 20,000 sq/ft drying barns and inefficient heated air dryers that provide inconsistent product. Countless contract outsourcing that does not prioritize your flower. Assur’s industry-leading technology and engineering maximizes a farm’s ability to harvest significantly more premium flower per sq/ft, while drastically reducing real estate, energy, and labor costs.


We nurture our products—and our process—from the very beginning.

Our proprietary technology promises products that are faster to market with better quality and a greater efficiency.

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